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Hello, I am an 18-year-old software developer currently enrolled as a student at Base Camp Coding Academy. I recently graduated from Alcorn Central High School in Corinth, Mississippi. With a passion for coding and technology, I am dedicated to growing my programming skills and expanding my knowledge in the field of software development. Through my studies at Base Camp Coding Academy, I am actively working towards becoming a proficient developer, aiming to contribute to innovative projects and solutions in the tech industry. My journey as a young and aspiring software developer reflects my commitment to continuous learning and growth in the dynamic world of technology.



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Welcome to ADIT "Another Database Interface Tool" It lets you login to the account. After logging in you have access to manage employees, see how much they get paid and what days their supposed to be at work and on what position. For days when you get mad at one or they just show up late way to many times, You have the option to fire them. You can do it all and easily manage and keep track of all your employees with "ADIT".


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Welcome to Chit/Chat, The next social interaction platform. Join into the lobby and start creating post's today.



Download my resume: Matthew Hays resume.pdf